The draft law “On Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources”

JANUARY 19, 2012

The draft law “On Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources” was prepared by the ACE legal expert and submitted to the beneficiary on the 15th of January 2012 for review and comments.

Component 4 of the UNDP Project on "Promoting Development of Sustainable Energy in Azerbaijan"  concerns the development of a set of coherent regulatory and institutional documents for the renewable energy sector.

The main activities under this component include:

In the framework of the above scope of assignment  the ACE legal expert has prepared and submitted the following to the beneficiary:

  1. Recommendations for Legal and Regulatory Changes to Facilitate Sustainable Energy Development and Leveraging of Increased Private Sector Financing for the Sector;

    This Report provide for the overall review of the local legislation in the energy field, SWOT analysis to assess the institutional set up of SAARES, investment climate in the field and the relevant recommendations.
  2. Comparative and Gap Analysis with the EU Directive 2009/28 and the German Renewable Energy Act;

    The above Comparative and Gap Analysis was prepared in a matrix format and consist of the provisions of the above EU Directive and the German Renewable Energy Act in approximation with Azerbaijani main and secondary legislation, comments, gaps detected and the legal approximation degree evaluating the present condition of the Azerbaijani legislation in the field.
  3. Draft Law “On Promotion of the Use of Energy from Renewable Sources”.

    The purpose of this law is to promote the development of renewable energy sources in the country as an instrument for promotion of sustainable development, economic competitiveness, reduction of the costs of energy supply to the national economy, environmental protection and preservation to achieve energy efficiency and diversification.

Recommendations for Promotion of the Draft Law

For promoting the draft Law to be adopted, it would be efficient within the extension period of the Project to establish a Working Group consisting of the Consultant’s Experienced Team and the relevant representatives of the MoIE, SAARES, Parliament, Cabinet of Ministers, President Administration, Ministry of Justice and other relevant stakeholders (list of stakeholders to be agreed with the beneficiary and the team).