European Commission: Europe working hard to diversify towards reliable suppliers as Azerbaijan

SEPTEMBER 08, 2022

Europe is taking measures to diversify away from Russia towards other reliable suppliers as the United States, Norway, Azerbaijan, Algeria and others, head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said, Report informs, citing foreign media.

"We have stopped Russian coal…, we are winding down Russian oil, and we've been working very hard to diversify away from Russia towards other reliable suppliers, like the United States or Norway, Azerbaijan, Algeria and others.

"Actually today, Norway is delivering more gas to the European Union than Russia," she said.

She added that the EU had reduced its dependence on Russian gas from 40% at the beginning of the war to 9% today.

"Over the last six months during this war we have very much increased our preparedness and we have weakened the grip that Russia has on our economy and our continent," she said.