ICGB announces anticipated time for capacity expansion

FEBRUARY 06, 2024

According to its preliminary technical studies, ICGB anticipates having an expanded capacity from 3 bcm/y to 5 bcm/y as of Q4 2025 for the Interconnection Point at Stara Zagora and as of Q4 2026 for the Interconnection Point at Komotini, Report informs, citing ICGB.

Following a tender procedure under the Public Procurement Act, ICGB is awarding a Bulgarian company the contract for a detailed design scope for GMS2 Stara Zagora that would allow capacity expansion of the IGB pipeline.

The transmission system operator aims at upgrading the Gas Metering Station in Stara Zagora to boost its technical capacity from 3 bcm/y to 5 bcm/y.

As a next step in the ongoing incremental capacity process, ICGB has published jointly with the Bulgarian transmission system operator a draft Project Proposal for the entry-exit point at Stara Zagora for public consultation on its website. All interested parties are invited to participate by sending their comments and proposals by March 4, 2024. A Project Proposal with the Greek Natural Gas Transmission System (DESFA) is about to be published as well.