Azerbaijan’s preparatory efforts for COP29 highlighted during civil society summit of G7

MAY 15, 2024

At the civil society summit of G7 countries held in Italy, the panel session titled ‘Human mobility and climate change’ discussed the work done by Azerbaijan to organize COP29 at a high level and to achieve consensus among all interested parties, a member of the COP29 Organizing Committee Parvana Valiyeva told.

During his speech at the session, she also drew attention to global climate changes and said that the fact that small island states are facing the threat of extinction is alarming.

At the same time, Valiyeva stressed the importance of protecting the rights and freedoms of people forced to migrate due to climate change:

"Stakeholders in issues related to migration, population movement and climate change should unite their efforts, and international cooperation in eliminating climate change-induced migration should be strengthened."

The official also noted that in connection with the migration of migrants, their accessibility to health services should be ensured:

"Unfortunately, health insurance coverage for migrants is still lacking in most developed countries. This is a clear example of blatant discrimination against migrants and creates additional hardship for climate-related displacement."