EU seeks to transport Azerbaijani gas via Russian pipelines through Ukraine

JUNE 11, 2024

The European Union is exploring the possibility of transporting Azerbaijani gas through Russian pipelines that cross Ukrainian territory, according to sources cited by Bloomberg. The move comes as part of the EU's efforts to diversify its energy sources and reduce dependence on Russian gas.

EU officials and European government representatives are currently in negotiations with Ukraine to extend the agreement on Russian gas transit to EU countries through Ukraine beyond 2025. However, Oleksiy Chernyshov, the CEO of Ukraine's Naftogaz, has ruled out his country's participation in any EU projects that involve dealings with Russia's Gazprom.

One of the options being discussed is for the EU to purchase gas from Azerbaijan and transport it using the existing Russian pipeline infrastructure in Ukraine. This approach would allow the EU to avoid buying gas directly from Russia, which it is trying to phase out.

Ukraine is reportedly open to the idea of purchasing gas from Azerbaijan and intends to continue utilizing its domestic infrastructure. The EU sees maintaining transit through Ukraine as a crucial factor in supporting the country's economy. Additionally, European officials are concerned that idle pipelines could deteriorate or become military targets, Bloomberg says.