Gas from Caspian Region could contribute to resilience of energy market in Europe

DECEMBER 28, 2021

Gas from Caspic Region could contribute to the resilience of the energy market in the EU, Slovakian expert Jozef Hrabina told Report's Eastern European bureau.

The expert explained that diversification of the gas market in the EU a very actual topic in light of Russia-West tensions. He also linked it to the plans on green transformation that is often connected with replacing coal for less environmentally damaging commodities- in this regard, gas.

Hrabina said that even though the volumes of Azerbaijani gas transportation to the EU markets are not very high, they will probably contribute to increasing EU's energy resilience provided that strategic reserves are created here in a period of low gas consumption. He added that 10 billion cubic meters of gas are supplied to Europe per annum via the Southern Gas Corridor, a chain of gas pipelines extending from Azerbaijan via several countries to the south of Italy.

The expert noted that while these figures will not influence the current Russian positions on European energy markets, Azerbaijani gas is likely to contribute to EU energy resilience if the strategic reserves are built in times of lower gas consumption.