Project Period
09/2013 – 04/2014

Origin of Funding

Name of Client/ Beneficiary:
TamizShahar OJSC

Description of Project
The overall objective of the project is to support to the development of the EPR in Azerbaijan

Services Provided

Investigating different EPR schemes and approaches in operation in the EU, especially in Eastern European and CIS countries;defining list of products that EPR can be applied; investigating local and relative legislation in regards to disposal and recycling, responsibilities of producers, importers and sellers; proposed optimal and best applicable EPR scheme for Azerbaijan. study of international standards on plastic packaging products and preparation of proposals on toughening the local standards; elaboration of the List of wastes generated in household causing the threat to the environment and the human health; determination of the statistical indicators on products included into the List which are produced within the country as well as the ones exported.

An EPR model for Azerbaijan (EPR policy, PRO organization goals, activities, structure, etc.) proposed

Scope of work under Consulting Services Agreement:

      -Provision of services for supporting the development of the EPR in Azerbaijan;

           -Assignment of local and foreign experts and subcontractor

Name of Partners
Ecokonsultacijos (Lithuania), Subcontractor