Support the implementation of a policy framework that will create a favorable environment for small-scale renewable energy projects in Azerbaijan

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has signed an agreement with an advisory group led by Economic Consulting Associates Ltd (ECA) to support the Government of Azerbaijan (AH) in amending the regulatory and legal framework for electricity generation through small-scale HPPs. ACE GROUP Consultants is the consortium partner of ECA in the implementation of this project in Azerbaijan.

The project ensured the implementation of measures on four tasks:

Task 1: High-level review of existing legislation
Task 2: Develop regulatory and contract framework options
Task 3: Development of normative-legal documents - Defining the power limit of electricity generated by active consumers from renewable energy sources and preparation and submission of “Rules for application of active consumer support mechanism”
Task 4: Develop a roadmap to expand the use of small-scale BES technologies