NOVEMBER 17, 2022SOCAR president meets with World Bank regional director for South CaucasusNOVEMBER 16, 2022US investor: Azerbaijan develops at high speedNOVEMBER 16, 2022Electricity production in Azerbaijan increases by 3.8%NOVEMBER 15, 2022Azerbaijan can play pivotal role in EU’s energy security for years to come - BruegelNOVEMBER 15, 2022IEA raises forecast for global oil demandNOVEMBER 14, 2022Call for Azerbaijani enterprises to join the RECP Clubs in Baku and Ganja or become RECP Demonstration CompaniesNOVEMBER 11, 2022IEA expects investments in energy transitions to triple by 2030 NOVEMBER 10, 2022European Commission warns about gas shortage for next year NOVEMBER 08, 2022IMF discloses investments in renewables in Caucasus & Central Asia as part of energy transitionNOVEMBER 07, 2022IMF expects Azerbaijan’s phased introduction of carbon tax by 2030NOVEMBER 07, 2022US says good prospects for supply of Turkmen gas to EU through AzerbaijanNOVEMBER 04, 2022MoU signed o construction of Garadagh WPPNOVEMBER 04, 2022Proposals on production and export of 'green hydrogen' in Azerbaijan preparedNOVEMBER 03, 2022Creation of Azerbaijan-Turkiye-Europe Energy Corridor already startedNOVEMBER 02, 2022BP’s solar investment in Azerbaijan sets model for futureNOVEMBER 02, 2022Construction of Yashma power plant in Azerbaijan's to be funded by private investmentsNOVEMBER 02, 2022World Bank carries out assessment of 'green' development in AzerbaijanNOVEMBER 01, 2022US, UAE to invest $100B in clean energyOCTOBER 30, 2022Azerbaijan ready to transport gas to planned gas hub in Turkiye, says deputy energy minister OCTOBER 29, 2022Azerbaijan may study Finland’s green energy zone experince